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“I would highly recommend Harpers Payroll Services to any company, large or small, looking for a user friendly, compliant software that is backed by personnel with many years of experience in the payroll service industry.”

Corporate Payroll Manager - 10/11

Non Payroll Tax Form Prep.

  • Do you have tax forms or wage reports that need to be produced and filed even though you are not a Harpers customer? We can still help. Harpers Payroll Services can produce and file a number of annual tax forms on your behalf even though you are not a payroll client. Of course, if you are a client, these options are certainly available.

  • The Right Form Completed Correctly

    While using our integrated payroll and tax filing services is the best option available, our skilled tax experts can assist any business in the process of completing the following forms:

    • 1098
    • 1098-C
    • 1098-E
    • 1098-T
    • 1099-A
    • 1099-B
    • 1099-C
    • 1099-CAP
    • 1099-DIV
    • 1099-G
    • 1099-H
    • 1099-INT
    • 1099-LTC
    • 1099-MISC
    • 1099-OID
    • 1099-PATR
    • 1099-Q
    • 1099-R
    • 1099-S
    • 1099-SA
    • 5498
    • 5498-ESA
    • 5498-SA
    • W-2
    • W-2C
    • W-2G

    We can produce the paper forms and the electronic file for the above forms.

  • IRS Listed Information Returns Vendor

    We are listed in IRS Pub. 1582 as an Information Returns Vendor as well as the Social Security Administrations web site as a Vendor Offering Electronic Filing Service.


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