Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Due to this unprecedented global health event and Governor Baker’s stay-at-home advisory due to COVID-19, Harpers Payroll Service has activated our Business Resiliency Plan. This contingency plan will not disrupt our operations.  This does not impact the processing of payroll and/or the timeliness of direct deposit or the timing of payroll debits for taxes/direct deposits or payroll tax deposits. 


During this unique and challenging time, please contact our Client Service Team by phone or email as normal. You can also email our Client Service email box, The Customer Service Call Center will be operating via remote connections.


Call-In and Auto payroll clients will need to email payroll to or to have a Client Service Representative contact you for payroll.


COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I have checks mailed directly to my employees?

Yes. Please contact to arrange direct mail of checks (and vouchers).


Can I change my delivery address? 

Yes. Submit your request to have the delivery address changed to


Can I delay printing of my payroll reports?

Yes. Submit your request to have suppress printing of reports to Note: Reports can be loaded electronically to PayrollForward or emailed securely vs. printed with payroll delivery.


Can I request to have my payroll delivery delayed?

Yes. Submit your request to have the payroll delivery delayed to


What if I cannot run my payroll?

Harpers Payroll can automatically pull and run the last payroll. We are not able to select specific runs or make edits. Any edits can be made on future payroll runs.


Can I track COVID-19 related time under a separated code?

Yes. Submit your request to add “COVID-19” Earnings Code to . If you receive a General Ledger Report/File please include GL Account #, if necessary.


When will we see changes implemented per the Families First Coronavirus Response Act?

Harpers Payroll is actively monitoring and reviewing the legislation, and will be prepared to communicate how this impacts you once we know more.


Thank you for your business and trust you have placed in Harpers Payroll Services.  As part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed and aware of any changes to our operations, we will continue to monitor and adjust our continuation/preparedness, and business response. Further communication, as necessary, will be sent. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for up to date information.


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