Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Due to this unprecedented COVID-19 global health event, Harpers Payroll Service has activated our Business Resiliency Plan.

This contingency plan will not disrupt our operations. This does not impact the processing of payroll and/or the timeliness of direct deposit or the timing of payroll debits for taxes/direct deposits or payroll tax deposits.

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Telephone Issue

We are temporarily experiencing issues with the main phone line (508)753-2385 and are working with the phone company to resolve as soon as possible.

You can call as at (617) 848-9503.

We apoligize for the inconvenience.


Client Testimonials

“I would highly recommend Harpers Payroll Services to any company, large or small, looking for a user friendly, compliant software that is backed by personnel with many years of experience in the payroll service industry.”

Corporate Payroll Manager - 10/11

Can I get pay reports customized to my needs?

Absolutely. Harpers Payroll Services provides a powerful report writer embedded in our software. Custom reports can be simply created and run for any payroll period. If you desire a very complicated report, Harpers will be happy to provide a quote for a one-time report creation fee. Once a report is customized, It can be run at your location for any range of check dates.


How can I get help if I have a question about my payroll if I am a customer?

At Harpers, we want you to have all of your questions answered thoroughly and quickly. That's why we give you a number of ways to get in touch with us. All clients are assigned a Primary Customer Services Representative. A Secondary Customer Services Representative is also assigned, so if your primary CSR isn't available, you aren't left out in the cold and help is only a phone call away. Questions can also be faxed, emailed, or sent on line through our interactive portal.


How does Direct Deposit work?

Direct Deposit is a way to automatically deposit employee funds to a financial institution. You supply us with employee banking information and the transactions happen automatically with funds appearing on your check date. Direct Deposit transactions are generated through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network. This network requires two business days between input and check date to process Direct Deposit transactions. The ACH network is governed under Federal Banking Regulations. Harpers Payroll Services follows this two day requirement.


How do I get trained on your payroll software?

Training is a key aspect of our service model. When you choose our Millennium software product we will make sure you are very comfortable with our payroll system. We will schedule onsite visits to sit with the appropriate payroll staff at your location to go over the proper set up and controls that will benefit your organization the best. We structure our training so that it is individualized to your organization's needs. We can provide basic software overviews or very detailed analysis of a specific area. Documentation in detail or summary version can also be customized to provide reference material to users. We provide follow up trainings for knowledge refreshment or training new staff.


How can Harpers help our company?

Harpers can save you time and money and provide peace of mind knowing that your taxes are being filed correctly and on time. Our easy to use software makes the once arduous task of entering payroll information easy. Decrease labor costs by having our staff do all the processing work and let our software hold all of your payroll history for fast, easy on demand reporting.