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“I am especially impressed that I communicate with human beings vs. dealing with telephone recorded systems AND that the very timely responses to my needs (often report[s]) result in emailed reports w/in a minute or two. I couldn't ask for quicker turn around time ... !!!!!!”

Corporate Payroll Manager - 12/15

Secure Payroll Solutions for Your Business

  • Secure Solution is built on the solid foundation of Millennium. It is brought to you through the web with the security of 1024-bit encryption for all data transmission. Security extends within your users as well. Individual users can be setup with restrictions based on user roles and types of data you want the individual be able to see or modify.

  • Always Available makes it easier for small businesses to process payroll from home, an office, on the road or anywhere you can access the internet by web browser. All of the functionality is available at any time, day or night, seven days a week.

  • Paperless Payroll

    Reports are always available at your convenience from If you don't want to receive your reports each pay period from Harpers, you can simply print them ad-hoc from If all of your employees are using direct deposit, you can choose to print payment stubs directly to your printer and eliminate any delivery concerns.

  • Reports When You Need Them

    Sometimes you just can't wait to see a report. PayEntry makes it easy with over 30 standard reports. All of these reports can be generated at any time and can be viewed and downloaded in a convenient PDF format.

  • No Limit to Employee Data

    At Harpers, we know that in many businesses employees can wear several hats. To make payroll easy in these circumstances, employees can have an unlimited number of pay rates, job distributions, automatic pays, deductions, and taxes. Because employees may have relationships with multiple financial institutions we offer an unlimited number of direct deposits transactions per employee. Employees can breakup their Direct Deposit by flat amounts or percentage of net on an account-by-account basis for each direct deposit.

  • Time-off Benefit Accruals

    Each employee can have an unlimited number of time-off benefit plans. Each of these plans will accrue according to a company defined length-of-service table. Company defined rates can be overridden at the individual level as necessary. Each benefit plan can accrue both hours and/or dollars.


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